This is the first of a multi-part update and overview of what I do at the school that affects students and helps improve their hands-on learning experience.

This past summer (2007) marked a significant achievement in that we completed the multi-year project of upgrading all our “practice” studios to digital.

If you were a student in past years, you probably learned and maybe got your first job using one of those rotary pot boards.  Those gems were common in radio in smaller and middle markets until fairly recently.

Today’s students learn on Audioarts “D-16” digital consoles in 21 studios plus another of which is also featured in one of our on-campus radio stations.  Each console is equivalent to what is found in both major and smaller market radio stations.  

Once upon a time, we also had reel to reel tape decks in every studio.  Those are long gone as well, having been replaced a few years ago by Dell computers running Adobe Audition (one of the popular editing programs used in the broadcast industry today).

Keeping the facility (and everyone who uses it) up to date with technology is an important part of what I do at the school.

It changes constantly almost minute by minute, which is what keeps it interesting and challenging.  

In the coming weeks, the News Room will be under-going a significant equipment upgrade as well, with a replacement of the ever-faithful-but-time-to-go audio console and some other technical enhancements.

The News Room at Specs Howard School is capable of feeding (and monitoring) any or all four of our on-site radio stations utilizing wire services and the internet from which to create news and talk-oriented content.  This technical enhancement to the news area will include a new Radio Systems console capable of supporting up to six microphones, should we choose to integrate more talk-oriented programming into our curriculum.  

This is only a small part of what the future holds at Specs Howard.

If you’re thinking of a career change, this is the place to experience and learn to use first-hand the tools that the pros use.

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