An update from Specs Howard School of Broadcast, in Southfield, MI.   

For those of you who are or were students or work at the school now or in the past (or thinking of becoming a student) the audio Production studio is on the verge of being blown up and rebuilt THIS MONTH! 

Most of the new equipment has already been received.  The Newsroom and one of the radio stations is also getting the same treatment.  The ultra cool furniture designs have been completely customized to our needs.   Rod Graham (formerly of Arrakis Systems now of Graham Studios in Colorado) played a crucial role in transforming the former video suites into additional RADIO studios (studios 16-21).  Rod's new assignment was to furnish our Production, News and radio station studio. 

Noting how much of his furniture was already in our building, Rod noted he wanted to make our school a "showplace," and upgraded the WJMZ studio to his top-of-line product...  at no additional cost.  Thanks Rod!  Get a look at Rod's other studios at:

(make sure you put the dash in the middle)

This month (June 2008) also marks my NINTH  (9th) year as the school’s Engineer! I still know where the time has gone and still don’t believe the mind-numbing number changes that have made during that time.  

It’s not a perfect world either but an important reason to be a student at Specs is not merely because of shiny equipment.  It’s the people involved in teaching at our school.  They ARE the best....every one of them.     

Only one job in my life have I ever worked at longer than Specs.  That would be radio station WCAR in Garden City, Michigan, but I really didn’t make it past my 10th year there.  Like Specs however, for me it was an incredible ride!  The VERY wide number of things I did for THEM as their Chief Engineer was secondary to what inspired me.  The other part is the people who showed up for work everyday who created programming, managed the business end and made our clients happy.  They gave me the incentive to stick around.  We weren't the biggest, we didn't have the most power, but our clients stuck with us, because we were the best.  Some things never change in my life.

So come to Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts, because we ARE in every sense of the word, in the present tense:  We ARE the best at what we do.

       -Bob Burnham

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