ENCO Systems Announces System Expansion at Specs Howard

Southfield, Michigan, March 25, 2009: ENCO Systems Inc., a leading worldwide provider of Digital Audio Delivery Systems, announced a significant expansion of the ENCO DAD system at the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts in Southfield, MI, including adopting ENCO’s new Presenter delivery system.

Specs Howard has been serving the broadcast education field since 1970 and has been using ENCO’s DAD system to teach students since 1999. This expansion will grow the system from three to twenty four workstations, allowing radio students to have more access than ever before to advanced radio storage
and delivery technology. The school evaluated a number of systems before deciding on ENCO’s Presenter.

Eugene Novacek, President of ENCO Systems said, “Specs Howard has done an exceptional job over the years preparing students to become broadcasters as they have focused on the important skills that allow their graduates to get jobs and advance in the broadcast industry. It was very gratifying to receive this endorsement of Presenter early on from Specs Howard. Their hands-on approach and our new Presenter product will complement each other nicely.”

“We’ve been using ENCO’s DAD system for ten years and it has proven to be a solid and reliable performer in a high pressure environment like ours,” noted Bob Burnham, Specs Howard’s Chief Engineer. “Having examined the current market and then having a chance to see Presenter, we were convinced that growing our ENCO system and adding Presenter to the mix made the most sense for Specs Howard students. Preparing students in a real-world environment for a long-term future in broadcasting is what we’re all about. Hands-on cutting-edge technology has always played a major role in our success as a teaching tool for the thousands of Specs grads employed in the industry. Presenter is clearly a product that is looking ahead and in total synch with how we do what we do at the school.”  The Presenter single screen interface features a panel design with integrated tools including voice tracking, hot buttons, recording, database search and display and more. Other features include cut, paste and block move of playlists elements, user tabs, backsell log and a number of new and refined user friendly tools designed for live assist and voice tracked operations. Presenter will be on display at NAB 2009 in Las Vegas, NV, April 20-23 in Booth N-7607 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Initial Presenter information is available at the ENCO web site at and will be regularly updated. Presenter will begin shipping in May 2009.

About ENCO ( )
ENCO Systems is a leading provider of Digital Audio Delivery Systems for demanding television and radio organizations worldwide.
ENCO is headquartered in Southfield, Michigan with offices in Nashville, South Carolina, India and the United Kingdom and retains distributors throughout the rest of the world.

About Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts ( )
Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts is a recognized center for radio, television and film education located in Southfield, MI.  Founded in 1970, over 12,000 students have graduated from Specs Howard over the years, filling positions in all facets of the broadcast industry. Specs Howard recently added a Graphic Design Program to its offerings and the first class will graduate in May 2009.
For further information on ENCO Systems, Inc. contact Don Backus, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, ENCO Systems, Inc., 29444 Northwestern Highway, MI 48034 USA Tel: 800-362-6797 or 248-827-4440 Fax: 248-827-4441
or e-mail: Additional information about ENCO is available on their website: .
Authorized For Immediate Release, March 25, 2009.

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