Surviving the Tax Man

George Harrison wrote and sang about the Tax Man, I live it.

The wild and wacky life I lead comes at a price.

Every year at this time I go through a ritual of doing tax prep for my Accountant.  

But mine isn’t like "normal" people (whatever that is) because radio and its related things I do to survive  make for mountains of paperwork.

Once I get past this week though, I promise I’ll have some fresh tales to tell.

Meantime, if you wanna tap into some OLD radio in the Detroit area or listen on their web stream, WHFR 89.3 from Henry Ford Community College is carrying my stuff Monday nights from 11:00 to midnight.  Mystery and horror are featured…everything from Suspense to Inner Sanctum to I Love a Mystery.  Check it out.  On the web, it’s  WHFR also does a great job giving an outlet to local Detroit musicians.