Instigator of “Nicole’s Chihuahua Challenge”  

Nicole is one of our amazing Specs Howard grads – you might call her the traffic person with an edge. 

In an effort to help a worthy cause,she combined her love for animals with what she does for a living.  This web page explains it best:

 As part of Deminski & Doyle’s WCSX morning show, she started Nicole’s Chihuahua Challenge as a result of the hundreds of dogs taken in by the Dearborn Animal Shelter.

These animals lives were saved as a result of authorities shutting down the home of a Dearborn “animal collector.”

Hundreds of the animals removed from the home are now being housed by the already-bursting-at-the-seams Friends For the Dearborn Animal Shelter. 

Medical care is expected to run several thousand dollars before the animals can be made available for adoption.

Nicole and Shelter personnel explain further on the video posted at the site noted above.

A tax deductible donation can be made by Pay Pal through the shelters’ website or check.  Although operating under contract to the City of Dearborn, 80% of their operating costs come from donations.

Area veterinarian, Dr. Cheryl Good,  (board member and long-time benefactor to the Dearborn shelter) and her staff at Dearborn Family Pet Care are also treating some of the dogs at this time.

Besides reporting traffic on the radio (as part of D & D’s show), Salem, in recent years, has led an interesting life:  She has done everything from offering T-shirts featuring her pet rat (also on D & D’s show) to being one of the 2008 finalists in (sister station) WRIF’s Rock Girl contest.  Perhaps this will be one of her most successful ventures!

Aside from her personal success as that traffic person with an edge, we wish much success to her Chihuahua Challenge cause (to which YOU can contribute) and grateful for the efforts of the Friends For the Dearborn Animal Shelter. 
- Bob Burnham