What this blog is about…  

This blog is linked to the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts’ official site www.specshoward.edu, but the contents are totally my thoughts and not to be construed as anything officially endorsed by the school.

This blog is about life and its ups and downs:  My life and YOUR life, and hopefully there are things we have learned that we can compare notes on that will be mutually helpful.

I have a very busy life.  I work in broadcasting and have my entire life, and it’s my full time work.  I am primarily an engineer, but I have worked in almost all facets of the business.  

I also play music professionally…or at least I get paid for it sometimes, but I have backed some true professionals in the industry.  

I have plenty of side interests and specialties all related to the above.

I feel like I have reached a level of success that other people might benefit as to knowing how I got here…. But MY adventure is far from over. Neither is yours, and as long as we’re both alive and breathing, it won’t be anytime soon.

I learn something from every single activity I have ever been involved in, and I have learned something from every person I have ever met.  

If you and I have ever met, I’ve already learned something from you!

Even for those “not so good” times, I try to find something positive out of it.  It’s my nature!  I try to surround myself with those type of people, as well, and for those whose spirits are a little down – I’m pretty good at providing a shoulder to lean on, or dish out a chunk of advice

 At the very core, that’s what the blog is about.  It is about me, but it is also about YOU!

-Bob Burnham